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          About Us

          Professional manufacturer of power semiconductors.

          We pay great attentions to every detailed factor and insit"keep innovation and pursuit for technological progress"as our principle.
          We own a professional R&D team with experienced engineers and advanced producing and testing equipments.
          We keep learning updated new technology aboroad and improving our quality.
          After several years of developing,we have successfully established a multi-level marketing networ and the products are sold widely around the world.

          Customer Service

          TEL NO. : 0559-2323699  0559-2323979

          WHATSAPP:  0086-15958776763 

          WHATSAPP/SKYPE:0086 13695593253 

          EMAIL: mjer-sale-so4@hsmjer.com   mjer-sale-so5@hsmjer.com


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